About Us



ECCO is a CSULA community of student entrepreneurs that encourages and supports the development of student run businesses here on campus. Our goal is to ignite a passion for entrepreneurship amongst our peers, to facilitate the extraordinary, and to empower the confidence within our group to succeed as business owners.

Our Mission: Is to Inspire, Educate, Collaborate, and Launch Student Ran Small Businesses.


 President: Oscar Aguayo 

VP of Operations: Alex Lam 

VP of Finance: Cam Wharton 

VP of Marketing: Marco Garza

VP of Membership and Events: Martin Tejeda

Faculty Advisors: Dr. Angela Young and Barney Santos 

**Board Members Promise to Organization**

Integrity is a huge part of our organization. We must always hold ourselves accountable to a higher standard that centers around honesty, trust, and communication in order to succeed. We must have leadership and an organizational structure that is bound by its rules and regulations. We must have a plan of action that serves our purpose and mission while being derived from our core values.