About Us




ECCO is a CSULA community of student entrepreneurs that encourages and supports the development of student run businesses here on campus.  Our goal is to ignite a passion for entrepreneurship, facilitate the extraordinary, and to empower the confidence within our group to succeed as business owners.


Our Mission: Is to Inspire, Educate, Collaborate, and Launch Student Ran Small Businesses.



 President:  Oscar Aguayo 

VP of Operations:  Alex Lam 

VP of Finance:  Cam Wharton 

VP of Marketing:  Marco Garza

VP of Membership and Events:  Martin Tejeda

Faculty Advisors:  Dr. Angela Young and Barney Santos 


**Board Members Promise to Organization**

Integrity is a huge part of our organization. We must always hold ourselves accountable to a higher standard that centers around honesty, trust, and communication. In order to succeed, we must have leadership and an organizational structure that is bound by its policies. We must have a plan of action that serves our purpose and mission while being derived from our core values.